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My Scrivener 3 best-seller guide: Scrivener 3 Express!

A no-nonsense, simple & direct way to learn how to use Scrivener 3 for both Windows & Mac !


Updated to include both Mac and Windows screenshots. Read some of the Amazon reviews below:

The style is very pleasant and enjoyable to read. I am confident that I now will be able to move forward with my project within Scrivener. Thanks for an excellent book.

Amazon reviewer

Well written and organized. Easy to find the function the user wants on the fly. No unnecessary information to confuse a new user.

Amazon reviewer

If you USE Scrivener...Get this...NOW! This covers the current updates to Scrivener quite well. I know the standard documentation is pretty thorough...actually, a little too thorough sometimes. It can be overwhelming at times with the power of Scrivener. This handbook cuts through that well. Great for beginners and "medium-speed" Scrivener users.

Amazon reviewer

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Grammar Checker Apps: Grammarly vs ProWritingAid vs Google Docs vs Microsoft Editor

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid vs Google Docs vs Microsoft Editor So, Grammarly vs Prowritingaid vs Google Docs vs the new Microsoft Editor. This isn’t going to be your usual post about the availability of
flash fiction laundromat


She must have been in her 40s, tall, slender figure, athletic even, her hair long and black. A Spaniard perhaps.

Getting rid of negative thoughts

The other day I was walking along the coastline, listening to Mozart (the quite happy and carefree 9th piano concerto to be precise), when some forgotten thoughts started coming back to me. Not
Showing off your holidays on social media.

All eyes on me: Holiday divas on social media

“Look at me, I can afford luxury!” Or that’s the widespread attitude on social media, especially during the summer holidays. Because summer is the holiday season, right? But who doesn’t take summer holidays?
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What happened to witty flirting?

That means flirting through clever dialogue, no chitter-chatter. I’ve been witness to the following, goofy efforts: Offensive chat-up lines: “I thought I saw you staring at me, let me introduce myself…” Silly compliments:

This whole couple trap (Dialectics, no. 6)

Cathy and Ella have been talking on the phone and Ella, who is happily engaged, is trying to arrange a date for Cathy. -Come on, we could all go out to dinner together

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