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(Flash fiction) There are different kinds of elephants. When he first went to the supermarket after his rebirth he saw one. It was an exotic, Hispanic-looking woman in the chocolate and cookies aisle. She must have been in her 40s, tall, slender figure, athletic even, her hair long and black. A Spaniard perhaps.  Her presence hit him like continue reading
The other day I was walking along the coastline, listening to Mozart (the quite happy and carefree 9th piano concerto to be precise), when some forgotten thoughts started coming back to me. Not the welcoming nice thoughts, but negative incidents where something bad had happened. Accidents. Arguments. Career failures. All sorts of things. It was continue reading
“Look at me, I can afford luxury!” Or that's the widespread attitude on social media, especially during the summer holidays. Because summer is the holiday season, right? But who doesn’t take summer holidays? Well, there are of course those whose work nature doesn’t allow them to (usually people working in the hospitality industries). Or people who continue reading
That means flirting through clever dialogue, no chitter-chatter. I've been witness to the following, goofy efforts: Offensive chat-up lines: "I thought I saw you staring at me, let me introduce myself..." Silly compliments: "Those three tiny moles on your shoulder look like the Bermuda Triangle and I'm ready to vanish continue reading
Cathy and Ella have been talking on the phone and Ella, who is happily engaged, is trying to arrange a date for Cathy. -Come on, we could all go out to dinner together and you'll meet him there. Don't say no! How long are you planning on staying single? -I think it's rude to mention my being continue reading

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