About fun, social media photos (Dialectics, no. 1)

A cafe in a metropolitan European capital. It’s the end of July and two co-workers from a multinational corporation are having their lunch break. The sky is grey and it’s been raining for a while now. Co-worker B is taking his summer vacation the following week. Co-worker A hasn’t planned any summer holidays but usually goes skiing in the winter. He has been described as a workaholic by his friends and he is the one to talk first.


A:   So I hear you’re off to to the Mediterranean soon.
B:   Yes, to the Greek islands.
A:   Tim’s there now. He’s been posting sunbathing photos every few seconds on Facebook. Say, what do you think of the whole situation? You know, all these people showing off, how they’re having fun and stuff.
B:   Well, I think it’s OK.
A:   I just don’t get it, I mean why try so hard to convince us they’re having fun?
B:   Uhm… Because they are? I mean I myself upload photos from my holidays. And I will certainly do that next week.
A:   It has nothing to do with holidays. It’s about people taking photos at the pub. At restaurants. Having fancy dinners and drinking expensive cocktails. Having fun…
B:   You have to admit they’re inspirational. You know, when I’m at work l feel relaxed looking at this kind of photos.
A:   Relaxed or lazy?
B:   Now you’re pushing it.
A:   Well, think about it. Instead of taking fun photos, why don’t we post photos of ourselves at work, working on our projects at 7 pm? Working overtime even? Or you know, us parents running errands. Our wives doing the dishes.
B:   Cause that’s depressing?
A:   I mean don’t you think these real life kinds of photos could be the true motivation to be more productive? You say fun photos are inspirational, but I’m not quite convinced that proving that having fun could have creative gains. What do these posts teach us? What is the aim? To become lazy hippies?
B:   Now, that’s kind of racist. I really think you ought to take some time off work.
A:   And I think our lunch break is over.
B:   Already?
A:   Back to work. And no surfing on social media until 5!
B:   Yes, sir!






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