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  • This whole couple trap (Dialectics, no. 6)

    This whole couple trap (Dialectics, no. 6)

    Cathy and Ella have been talking on the phone and Ella, who is happily engaged, is trying to arrange a date for Cathy. -Come on, we could all go out to dinner together and you’ll meet him there. Don’t say no! How long are you planning on staying single? -I think it’s rude to mention…

  • The Social Media Network with the long name (Dialectics, no. 5)

    The Social Media Network with the long name (Dialectics, no. 5)

    This time, in our hypothetical situation, it’s Tom and Emma, longtime friends in their late-30s, who have met up for their lunch break on a weekday. The café is bustling with people on this cold winter day, people who rush into its warm cosiness for a hot drink, wearing their colourful scarves and heavy jackets. Emma,…

  • Decisions, decisions (Dialectics, no. 4)

    Decisions, decisions (Dialectics, no. 4)

    It’s the week before Christmas and two businessmen are walking down the busy streets, now full of snow, holding their briefcases. They rush through the crowds and the Christmas decorations and seem to be heading to work. A is an attractive, chiselled-face guy in his 40s while B is an equally attractive, taller and slightly…