Decisions, decisions (Dialectics, no. 4)

It’s the week before Christmas and two businessmen are walking down the busy streets, now full of snow, holding their briefcases. They rush through the crowds and the Christmas decorations and seem to be heading to work. A is an attractive, chiselled-face guy in his 40s while B is an equally attractive, taller and slightly younger guy with a beard. Their conversation goes like this:


A: I don’t like Christmas or seasonal holidays for that matter. Too much stress, yes, but not the usual shopping stress. Well ,that too. But think about it: it’s all about decisions —  where to go on holidays, book new year’s eve at the club or go to the city gala.

B: Well, you know what they say… decisions, decisions…

A: No, please let me finish… Then all the Christmas gifts, Tom wants a new gaming laptop, John wants a console, which means I’ll end up buying both, then gifts for the family, not to mention all the silly gag gifts. And did you know Susie wants to go skiing with the Forresters next weekend but I’d rather take the kids to NY for the weekend. Just a 3-day trip, come back on Monday just in time for Christmas celebrations. Well, the kids want it anyway, I told them not to worry about the costs despite booking last minute flights, after all it’s Christmas, they expect that. But yes, decisions, decisions… And I have so much work at the office, I need to get the secretary book all the details. Anyway, you were saying…?

B: Well, Paul, listen to me for a sec. Take a big breath and listen to me. And this time please let me finish. I’m gonna tell you a story. It was a few years ago, around this time, Christmas time in fact, when I was sent abroad as a war correspondent…

A: OK, hold on! Aren’t we comparing apples to oranges now?

B: You can always find an excuse if you need one.




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