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  • Getting rid of negative thoughts

    Getting rid of negative thoughts

    The other day I was walking along the coastline, listening to Mozart (the quite happy and carefree 9th piano concerto to be precise), when some forgotten thoughts started coming back to me. Not the welcoming nice thoughts, but negative incidents where something bad had happened. Accidents. Arguments. Career failures. All sorts of things. It was…

  • The importance of not waiting for others

    The importance of not waiting for others

    It is important not to wait for others, at least not always. Sometimes it is important to just do things on your own. This can be anything from having fun, travelling or taking a spiritual journey. Let’s say you want to stream a new series or movie online. You have flatmates or friends who’ve said…

  • Decisions, decisions (Dialectics, no. 4)

    Decisions, decisions (Dialectics, no. 4)

    It’s the week before Christmas and two businessmen are walking down the busy streets, now full of snow, holding their briefcases. They rush through the crowds and the Christmas decorations and seem to be heading to work. A is an attractive, chiselled-face guy in his 40s while B is an equally attractive, taller and slightly…