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This whole couple trap (Dialectics, no. 6)

Cathy and Ella have been talking on the phone and Ella, who is happily engaged, is trying to arrange a date for Cathy.

-Come on, we could all go out to dinner together and you’ll meet him there. Don’t say no! How long are you planning on staying single?
-I think it’s rude to mention my being single every time.
-Frankly, I don’t feel like falling in this whole couple trap.
-I think you are the one being rude now. What trap???
-I’ve come to realize how you couples operate. Your motives. You want everyone else to be a couple so you can compare your relationship to them. So you can arrange to go out with other couples just to brag about how much you’re in love with your dear one, all the trips you take together, your holidays, your breakfast in bed, how he takes care of you.
-This is insane!
-Is it? You guys know it’s impossible to compare your relationship with a single person, that’s why you all wish for us to be like you. Couples, couples everywhere, let’s compare ourselves to other couples, let’s see who’s better off, see who’s going to win the race.

At that point Ella hangs up the phone. It’s been three months and they haven’t talked since.

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