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  • Practical GDPR tips for bloggers

    Practical GDPR tips for bloggers

    With the abundance of how-to and blogging tips sites you’d expect to easily find some practical info about GDPR for bloggers and small site owners. But it seems some of these sites offer limited practical tips when it comes to applicable solutions. After having friends asking for advice, I’ve decided to write this article and…

  • Webjets


    An online desktop The concept behind Webjets is organising your thoughts using simple cards. Think of it as an alternative desktop that is accessible from your web browser. In this new desktop, you can insert YouTube videos, to-do lists (or any kind of lists), folders, bookmarks, tables, Wikipedia articles, even mind maps, and of course…

  • The new Gmail is a time-saver!

    The new Gmail is a time-saver!

    Essential redesign Ok, apart from the much-needed makeover the new Gmail is absolutely awesome. A lot has been said about the snooze feature which is certainly very handy: if you think an email can wait, you just snooze it for a later date (think of it as a reminder). The other important feature is the…

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