I am now offering Book Coaching services, and my advantages are twofold:


  1.  My book Scrivener 3 Express became an instant bestseller when it was released. Do you know why? For years I had been studying the major creative writing books. Not just that, but I also dug deep into the different publishing methods, tips, tricks and secrets. All of these helped me set up a self-publishing agency with a friend. As for me being a non-native speaker? Let me just say that my university degree majored in English and my TEFL training and years of ESL tutoring have made me a master of English grammar (not that any of this is needed for book coaching – just saying!)


  1. I am a certified Life Coach, Solution-Focused Coach, Positive Psychology and Transformational Coach. But why is a coach relevant? Think of this: procrastination, undefined goals, limiting beliefs: as a certified coach I can help you overcome roadblocks, gain clarity and set clear goals. Not just that: we can dig into the roots of your unwillingness to change.